Teens Encounter Christ

TEC of Bloomington - Normal

TEC Weekends

$75  /weekend includes...

  • Meals / Accommodations
  • Session materials
  • Life changing memories

Cost shall not limit your opportunity to encounter Christ; financial support available.
A TEC weekend begins on Saturday morning and ends on Monday afternoon.  Participants listen to and discuss short talks presented by fellow teens and adults. Participation is based on your own comfort level in a thoughtful, safe and confidential environment. 

You won't sit around memorizing prayers and hearing from people who seem to have it all figured out... discussions are open to the reality that most of us have life struggles that lead to doubts and real questions.

You can engage in small group discussion, self-reflection, and social activities throughout the weekend. Free time and plenty of food keeps the energy flowing to the end.​ 

Why should I go...???

Meals are provided throughout the weekend beginning with Saturday lunch. Following Monday’s lunch, the weekend wraps up around 5 pm. Central Catholic maintains a nut-free environment and the Kitchen Team will make all arrangements possible to accommodate dietary needs and restrictions.

Did we mention, "all you can eat" and plenty of snacks...!!!
Classrooms are arranged into sleeping quarters for small groups and include high quality, extra-high, twin air mattresses. School locker rooms are available for showers. 24-Hour security is maintained throughout the weekend, and all adult team members are trained to respect the privacy and security of all participants.
I am closer to other candidates from my weekend than I am to friends I've had my whole life...