Teens Encounter Christ

TEC of Bloomington - Normal


TEC Teams report Friday afternoon at Central Catholic High School for the weekend...

2:00 - Kitchen shopping at Meijer

4:00 - Set-up Team begins

5:00 - Wheat Team begins

5:30 - TEC Team drops off luggage & reports to Library by 6

6:00 Kitchen Team reports

Weekend TEC Teams & Volunteers

The "TEC Team" 
After being asked and agreeing to participate on an upcoming TEC Team, team members meet on Monday evenings for several weeks prior to the selected weekend. A team mass begins in the St. Patrick's chapel at 6:30 followed by team meetings from 7-9 pm. All are welcome to attend mass to support and life the spirits of our team.

Please complete and submit the applicable volunteer form:
Teen Volunteer
(under 18)
Young Adult Volunteers
Adult Team Volunteers 
(21 or over)

Other Volunteers

Friday Set Up
The set up team arranges classrooms and the library for the weekend. Please arrive at 4:00 to help. Contact Luke and Karen Filosa for more information.
Wheat Team
Wheat team members are invited and begin planning several weeks prior to the TEC weekend. Team members should arrive at Central Catholic at 5:00 pm on Friday of the TEC weekend. Contact Mary Ester Baldwin or Ben Donnelly for more information.
Kitchen Team
Solicitation for volunteers occurs on the TEC Facebook page about two weeks prior to the TEC weekend. Volunteers are asked to arrive on Friday at 6:00 pm; Saturday through Monday mornings at 6:30 am. Contact Chris DeFields for more information.
Security Team
The safety of our community is our first priority. Security volunteers sign up online before each weekend, usually beginning about 10 days prior. Contact Ray Sheldon for more information.
Security Volunteer Signup
 (link coming soon)